Gole del Calore in Felitto

The Valley of the Calore’s River  is an area of the SubAppennino Lucano declared World Patrimony of the Humanity by Unesco. It starts on the northern slope of  Cervati Mountain (the highest mountain in Campania 1898 ms. S.l.m.) and  it  developes all the way to the mountainous  territories of Piaggine, Valle dell’Angelo, Laurino, Campora, Magliano, Felitto, Castel San Lorenzo, Roccadaspide, Aquara, Castelcivita, Controne and Postiglione. The river flows through a series of five deep  canyons: Le Gole Del Calore, enchanting natural landscape of the Cilento’s National Park.

The fourth and fifth  canyons, located in the Felitto, are characterized by the presence of the “rock-cut basins”: huge circular holes cut into the rock by the incessant water swirl. The fourth  canyon, can be visited both  by hiking trails,  or via river routes.

During the summer,  thanks to the presence of an abandoned  dyke that  reduce the speed of the river, it is possible to take part of excursions by canoe or by pedalo that offer a unique perspective of the most wild and unspoiled nature.

The Otter, absolute queen of the clear water, the Brown Trout, the Dipper, the Kingfisher, the beautiful Spectacled Salamander are just some of the fauna that populates The Canyons. The  endless flora that overlooks the river is also rich of medicinal properties and interesting  curiosities.  It is not to exclude the hypothesis that the name “Felitto”  derives from the abundance of ferns in the undergrowth.

Le Gole del Calore has become a very popular site for naturalistic tourism in the whole European community. The impenetrable green of the forest, the whitest limestone rocks and the numerous wildlife species, attract every year the attention of many enthusiasts tourists and researchers!



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